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Uncle Milton – RC Tarantula

An authentic looking RC Tarantula with light-up eyes that crawls with spider-like movement and has realistic fur! Scare your friends and family! Product Features Remote Control Tarantula Light-up eyes Realistic furry texture Independent leg movement

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Scaryz Radio Control Large Tarantula

Control the fun with this Infra-Red Remote Control Giant Tarantula. It has light-up eyes and moves like a real spider! Features include: •Made of safe and durable textured plastic in scary black with orange color markings.•360-degree wireless remote control works … Continue reading

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Animal Planet Radio-Control Web Blasting Tarantula

Animal Planet Radio Control Web-blasting Tarantula. Shoots and retracts web, lifelike crawling action and realistic furry texture! Includes Real Scary Spiders Animal Planet App (Free). Product Features Radio Control Web-Blasting Tarantula Shoots & retracts web! Lifelike crawling action! Realistic furry … Continue reading

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Toy2U Radio Control Tarantula

Real Spider Like Movement. Moves in Multiple Directions with Light Up Eyes. Crawling & creeping action with moving legs. Auto movement feature. Furry Texture. Approx 8 inches X 9 inches. Product Features Real Spider-Like movement moves in multiple directions has … Continue reading

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