Tonka Chuck & Friends R/C Spinnin’ Chuck Vehicle

This remote-controlled Spinnin’ Chuck vehicle can’t wait to get out and play with you, and he’s got awesome moves to show off! This wheelie-poppin’ dump truck can race along in low-racing mode, but when he crashes he converts to off-road mode! His eyes change when he’s in off-road mode! You’re in charge as your Spinnin’ Chuck truck pops wheelies and does 360-degree tornado spins. He’s a tough truck and he’s revving his engine to go on an adventure with you!

Product Features

  • Remote-controlled Spinnin’ Chuck vehicle pops wheelies
  • Hold down the forward arrow on the remote to make him spin
  • Truck converts to off-road mode when he crashes
  • Watch his eyes change
  • Works best on hard/smooth surfaces

About Joe Spirit

I bring RC toys to you through the following websites:
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