Terrainiac Radio Control Vehicle – 27 MHz (Green)

Embark on a rip-roaring, radio-controlled adventure with this all-terrain titan!With its huge rear tire, the Tyco RC Terrainiac is able to tear through dirt, rip through water, and even shred through snow! This high-performance all-terrain radio-controlled vehicle sports an oversized, single rear tire that looks more like a ball with tread. Aside from giving the Terrainiac a futuristic appearance, this approach allowed Tyco engineers to make the car pivot (similar to a human torso) on one controllable joint. Two front rubber tires and two tires in the middle for extra traction make sure that the Terrainiac can hit high speeds. Add in “sphere drive” and now you can turn on a dime and cruise over wet terrain, thanks to the hollow construction that gives the durable plastic tire buoyancy. A spring on top of the car helps absorb more adventurous bumps or jumps.

Tyco Terrainiac

A huge, hollow back tire allows this RC vehicle to cruise over water.


A futuristic vehicle with unique controls. Colors may vary.
Because this car has unique motion, with the rear section twisting sideways, it requires a unique controller. You actually twist the controller to steer the vehicle, while using the forward and backward paddles to change direction. Give it a spin on dirt, water, grass, asphalt, or even sand. The Tyco Terrainiac is definitely a multi-terrain titan!

Everything that you need to start tearing it up right out of the box is included: the Terrainiac All-Terrain vehicle; twist-action digital transmitter; one 9v battery; and a turbo rechargeable 9.6v battery pack and charger.

Product Features

  • With its rear-sphere Mega tire, Hydro hulls and gyro pivoting motion
  • Terrainiac tears up the turf in completely unexpected ways!
  • On asphalt, dirt, grass, gravel, sand, and even water the Terrainiac™ is a multi terrain titan!
  • Requires 1 Tyco® 9.6 V battery and charger plus 2 AA for the transmitter
  • Perfect for your R/C collection!

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