Searon Go Kart Hour Meter Tachometer for 4 Stroke 2P1R Gas Small Engines RC Toys PWC ATV Motorcycles Marine Engines Chain Saws Tractors, Boat Generator Lawnmowers

Notice: This Tach/hour meter works on 4 Stroke & 2P1R (2 Plug per revolution) Gasoline Engine.

Product Name: Digital Tach Hour Meter Tachometer for 4 Stroke (2 Plug 1 Revolution) Gasoline Engine

The LCD Tach/Hour meter tracks RPMs and running hous of 4 stroke gasoline powered engines. The operation of the Tach/Hour meter is connected by5 ft. insulated wire. You will wrap the RPM wire around the spark plug for around 5 times. The unit is activated by the spark of the engine.

Easy to install.
Suitable to 4 stroke (2 Plug 1 Revolution) gasoline engine.
LCD digital display (5 Digit Display).
Show both hours of and RPMs of engines.
Tachometer form 1-30,000 RPMs with 30 RPM resolution.
Non-resettable hours from 0-99,999.9 hours with 0.1 hours resolution.
Internal CR2430 battery, so no external power connection required.
Complete Waterproof.
Material: ABS.
Net Weight: aroud 65g.
Wire Length: 1100mm / 43 inch.
Service Lifetime: Around 5 Years with 1 Year Warranty.

Common Applications: Small Engines, RC Toys, PWC, ATV, Motorcycles, Marine Engines, Chain Saws, Tractors, Boat, Generator, Lawnmowers and any other 4 Stroke gasoline powered devices.

Product Features

  • Digital Tach Hour Meter Tachometer for 4 Stroke (2 Plug 1 Revolution) Gasoline Engine
  • Hours display from 0-99,999.9 with 0.1 hours resolution
  • Tachometer display from 0-30,600 RPMs with 30 RPMs resolution
  • Internal CR2430 battery with 5 years service lifetime, so no external power connection required
  • Dustproof / waterproof level: IP68.

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