Kyosho Dani Pedrosa Repsol Honda RC212V 2011 Moto GP Bike

Kyosho captures the fascinating world of the motorbike racing in the palm of your hand with the stunning realism of the new MOTO Racer. MINI-Z quality and engineering guarantee performance that will leave onlookers speechless as the driver appears to control the bike with stability through straight lines and deep banking turns. Incorporating the same theoretical driving control as a real motorcycle, the steering control logic and the driving control system allows the model to be maneuvered freely like no R/C racing bike ever before. Amazing two-wheeled vehicle stability has been achieved with the advanced E-gyro System featuring an in-wheel rotator from a brushless motor built into the rear wheel. Powerful motor drive delivers efficient gyro effect to realize driving stability. Regardless of speed, the E-gyro allows stable straight line running and cornering. In addition, separate RPM settings for low speed and high speed can be made on the E-gyro to favor greater stability or greater maneuverability.

Product Features

  • Factory-assembled 1/18 scale Honda RC212V Moto GP RC Motorcycle – Pedrosa
  • High tech gyro built into the rear wheel of the motorcycle provides great stability and adjustment
  • Battery charges directly from the radio or through any standard USB port; Can charge 2 batteries at a time
  • Includes full set of precision ball bearings for smooth, low friction power delivery
  • Includes soft compound rubber tires for superior traction and cornering ability

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