Geilienergy Nickel Solder Tabs for High Capacity LiPo, NiCd and NiMh Battery Packs,Build Your Own RC Toys and Power Tool Battery Pack DIY Projects (Pack of 100)

100% Brand New

Weight: 10g (100 pcs)
Size : 2.5cm(Length) X 0.5cm(Width)X0.1cm(Thick)
For : AA 14500 18650 Sub C battery or any other items you need.

Package include:
10g Solder Tab(approx. 100pcs )

Product Features

  • 100 Pieces of Commercial Grade Solder Tabs for heavy duty / high current draw applications.
  • Suitable for making high capacity NiMH, NiCD, LiPo, Li-ION 14500 18650 Sub C battery packs.
  • Each piece measures 0.98 inch length, 0.19 inch with 0.04 inch thick (25mm length x 5mm width x 1mm thick).
  • For RC Toys and Power tool battery pack DIY projects.
  • Easy to solder or weld to batteries terminals. Other size available upon request.

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