Cartoon Remote Control (R/C) Police Car for Kids and Toddlers with Sound and Lights by Dimple®

In the box

Remote Control with 2 Child Friendly Buttons

Police Car With Press able Lights and Sounds and On/Off Switch

Removable Police Man Toy

This remote control police car is perfect for toddlers learning to play with remote control toys for the first time! With bright and fun colors along with easy controls, this toy helps your child with hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills and can be enjoyed inside and out, on any hard surface.

Easy 2 button controls make driving easy while a bunch of fun buttons keep your child intrigued! When you press the removable police man on the head a fun jingle starts to play, ready to be danced along to. “Start” the engine by pressing the steering wheel! Make it a real police chase by pressing on the siren which turns on the siren and flashing headlights. Chase down bad guys, restore justice and keep the peace with this fun and educational toy.

Hours of Recreation

With this car your child will have a go to toy for years that they will love playing with inside and out! Time flies by as they enjoy this wonderful R/C car and all its features for hours on end!

You and your little one will love zooming around with this adorable little remote control Police car!

Product Features

  • PERFECT FOR SMALL HANDS: 2 Large Buttons, perfect for toddlers inquisitive and growing hands, control the driving. 1 button for driving forward and 1 button for driving backward. Easy to reach On/Off switch. Rubber ended antennas keep your child safe.
  • HAND EYE COORDINATION: Learning starts at a young age and controlling an RC car helps your child develop necessary skills in hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. Reactions time and coordination get better and better as they have fun driving a car!
  • INTERACTIVE LIGHTS & MUSIC: Press on the siren for the siren to sound and the headlights to start blinking. Press on steering wheel for engine startup sound to play. Tap the removable policeman on the head and a fun song starts playing!
  • FUN FOR ALL AGES: This RC car is safe fun for all ages from 18 months and up! Your whole family will bond and learn responsibility as they love playing and taking care of this classic toy! – 5AA Batteries required (Not Included)
  • GUARANTEED SMILES! We know that our products will be an asset to any playroom classroom or toy room and we stand behind the quality of our products. All Dimple® toys come standard with a 1-year comprehensive warranty on craftsmanship.

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