Remote Control Trucks: Which Ones Do You Pick?

When you’re ready for RC playtime with remote control trucks your biggest problem is picking out the right ones to give you the greatest amount of fun.

Remote Control Trucks Depend On The Activity

To decide which truck, or trucks, to buy take time to figure out how you’ll operate your models. What is your plan for enjoying your radio control toy hobby?

If you’re building activity centers for your RC vehicles consider RC construction toy trucks. You’ll need different models to do the work of building your construction project.

Construction site models include:

Semi trucks to haul your materials to the site.

to haul the excess dirt and other debris away from your site.

Cement trucks to pour the foundations.

Crane trucks to lift the building materials into position on the build project.

Community Sites

If you’re building a city or town you’ll select a variety of trucks to drive around the streets:

Police trucks to provide safety for the neighborhoods.

for emergency response.

Tow trucks – both light duty for the smaller (family sized) vehicles, and heavy duty for transporting the semis, fire trucks, and garbage trucks when they break down.

Garbage trucks to keep the streets clean.

Pickups, jeeps, and hummers for family transportation.

Racing Events

Thinking about a racetrack?

Racing trucks come in a wide variety of models too. Choose from pickups, hummers, truggies, and even racing semis. If you build your track large enough you can host all types of events when you have the trucks to run with.

Over The Road Transportation

Build a highway system for the big remote control trucks.

The semis haul many different loads, and they need long stretches of road to haul those loads over. Put on a show of carrying helicopters, motorcycles, ATVs, cars, and construction equipment for delivery.

Set up a war zone, and stage battles with the military jeeps, hummers, and tanks. Armed with guns, missiles, and cannon these models are ready for combat.

Off Road Excitement

Don’t forget the :

Build an arena for a rally, and see which monster flies the highest, and clears the most cars.

Pile up some dirt and rocks for hill and rock climbing. See which model reaches the top of the mountain fastest.

Schedule some off-road races in the desert or cross-country.

A Variety To Choose From

From late model pickups to classic pickups, from semis to hummers, jeeps, and monster trucks your choices for RC playtime are many.

Figure out how you most enjoy experiencing that playtime. And the selection of your remote control trucks won’t be such a big problem.