NITRO RC When You Want That Big Engine Sound

NITRO RC models make noise – loud noise. And when you’re looking for that big engine sound the only way to go is .

The fastest radio control vehicles on the road today are the electric models with brushless motors. But though those electrics are faster than a NITRO, they just don’t give you that excitement that comes with the roar of an internal combustion engine.

Your NITRO RC choices are many, and depend on your personal interest in this hobby.

Want to get up on two wheels? Straddle a gas-powered motorcycle, and scrape some knees with a remote control cycle. The builders design them for racing round the track.

Does your RC playing steer you to the cars?

The selection of car models includes Subaru, Lotus, Ferrari, Mini Cooper, Audi, Dodge, Nissan, Ford, and more.

Many of these models include the ability to switch out the body. For instance, buy one chassis with an Audi body, and then just buy different bodies (Mini Cooper, Dodge, Subaru, etc.) for variety.

Go racing with your choice of stock race cars to open wheel racers to dragsters that fly down the track. Some of these racers burn the track up at speeds faster than 70 miles an hour.

For off-road action try a buggy. Built for rough terrain a NITRO RC buggy lets you race around your back yard at 65 miles per hour or faster. Some buggies give you changeable body styles, for converting from the buggy style to a car.

Four wheel driving fun comes in many varieties too. For a line of pickup trucks choose from: Ford, Hummer, Tahoe, and Stadium trucks as well as other trucks you commonly see on the road.

Some truck models allow switching out the body also.

Then you have the monster trucks. They vary in size from micro monster truck to huge 1/10-scale models that climb over your toughest terrain.

How about some flying thrills?

NITRO RC aircraft models include helicopters, stunt and aerobatic airplanes, and military planes.

Fly loops and rolls, stalls and dives, hover, or stage a dogfight as you race across the sky.

There’s nothing like a NITRO airplane to test your flying skills.

You also have aquatic choices. From the high competition boats to formula 1 hydro racing boats.

Lay out a course of pylons across the lake. See who shoots that rooster tail the highest into the air.

Gas powered RC models give you high-speed action along with the noise of full sized racetracks.

But be selective about where you run these vehicles. Your neighbors sometimes won’t appreciate the engine volume. And be sure to plug your ears so you don’t go deaf.

You just can’t get the ultimate in thrilling motor noise, and big engine sound, unless you go NITRO RC.