Remote Control Boats – Survive The Dog Days Of Summer

The heat is on, the Dog Days of Summer are here, and one great way to cool off is to head for the water, and power up your remote control boats.

What better way to relax, and enjoy those hot days.

RC boats come in a wide selection of models for your cruising pleasure and depending on what area of this radio control hobby you have in mind you’ll find a boat that’s perfect for your enjoyment.

For the laid back, easy going sailor check out the sailing yachts. If you’re into gliding across the water in silence a is the choice for you. On a sailboat, you escape the engine noise and fuel fumes that you experience with all the motorized remote control boats.

Glide around the lake for a dinner cruise. Take a relaxing sunset sail. Raise the canvas on your racing sailboat out for a fast journey or a racing contest with your sailing friends.

If you want speed your biggest problem is figuring out which racing boat you’ll get. There are so many of them it’s hard to choose. From hydroplanes to racing yachts to cigar RC boats the list is long.

Set up a pylon course, weave through and whip around the pylons while you set new racing records. See how fast you can navigate a straight course. Hold racing competitions with other speed boat enthusiasts in your community.

The military hobbyist can choose from a host of . Build a whole fleet with aircraft carriers, destroyers, cruisers, and patrol boats. There are even military submarines to guard the seas from below.

Put together two fleets (pit the German navy against the American navy) and stage high sea battles.

Or just patrol the shores, defending your country from invasion. Use US and Coast Guard vessels to make it more realistic.

Speaking of , if you prefer silent running beneath the waves have a look at the civilian models waiting for you. Selecting among the list of subs isn’t easy either because there are plenty of choices for RC submersibles.

When you look around the pages of RC boats you’ll find fishing trawlers, race boats, sailing boats, military vessels, fire fighting boats, police boats, and many more.

Design a harbour with the different ships and boats moored to docks. Keep your work boats busy doing jobs around the area. Deliver and pick up merchandise with the cargo ships sailing them into the harbour, and back out to sea.

Send a load of vacationing passengers to the tropics on a cruise ship.

Launch the private cabin cruisers and yachts on an adventurous ocean voyage from the marinas.

All you need to do is figure out which of the remote control boats or ships you’ll have the most fun with.

And head out to sea or explore the lake.