Learn On An RC Flight Simulator And Don’t Crash Your RC Aircraft

You decided which RC aircraft you’ll buy (airplane, glider, drone, or helicopter). Now you might find it wise to learn how to fly, and practice flying, on an RC flight simulator.

Radio control flying takes some skill. And many a beginning remote control pilot suffers total destruction when they take their birds up on those first flights. Without any prior flying experience or an understanding of controller operation, their flying models turn to stone.

And those aircraft become tiny pieces after they crash and burn.

But if you learn how to fly on your computer with an RC flight simulator you’re less likely to suffer one of those devastating crashes. And you’ll suffer fewer impacts that break your model when you take to the air that first time.

RC Flight SimulatorRemote control flight simulators give you experience piloting different aircraft styles. You’ll find versions for more than 150 different aviation platforms. They’ll teach you all the flying skills you need for any model. And they include various geographical maps to explore as you’re flying, so you don’t fly over the same scenery on every flight.

Determine the type of aircraft you’ll fly. Then select the RC flight simulator that fits your needs. Available models include learning programs for , RC helicopter flight simulators, and glider simulators.

Some simulators allow you to create your own landscapes and aircraft model styles.

Other simulator models include competition programs. They let you pit your skills against your remote control friends.

Try flying an aerobatic course where you guide your aircraft through rings.

Take to the virtual sky on a combat mission, and get in a dogfight. See how many enemy aircraft you can shoot down. Become a world war flying ace.

You operate the best RC flight simulators from a transmitter control that mimics the transmitters of the actual remote control flying models. This gives you the feeling of flight of your chosen aircraft before you even leave the ground.

Set up random failures in your flight plan so you learn how to react in the event of a pending crash. These include conditions like tail rotor failure on helicopters. Know how your aircraft acts when it suffers one of these failures. When it happens in the air you’ll be ready.

Learn what to do in a stall. Perform loops and rolls. Get skilled at take-offs and landings. All while you sit in your comfortable computer chair with no risk of damage to your RC aircraft.

Save your flight patterns. Study them later to learn what happened during a particular in-flight emergency.

provide excellent flying practice. They’re great for the beginning pilot, and for fliers that have flown for years.

For learning how to fly, or just to sharpen your flying skills, you can’t go wrong with an RC flight simulator.