“Radio Ranger” 34″ Remote Control Fishing Boat

Our biggest, This is the 34″ “Radio Ranger” Remote Control fishing boat. It’s almost 3 feet long, that is a big RC Boat for catching fish! The biggest rc fishin’ boat we have!
Catch any size fish with this huge one! The Radio Ranger is great around the dock fishing for little fish, the kids love it! The Radio Ranger can also drive out 300 feet, so for the real fisherman it’s not only a blast, it’s very useful for driving the fishing line out to record distances, and getting the line where you can’t cast! There’s never been more fun fishing than being able to use a remote control boat and going fishing at the same time. The Radio Ranger is not like the novelty “toy” boats that catch only little fish, The Radio Ranger with the RC Fishing Pole is designed so you can catch big fish too! Put the 34″ Radio Ranger in the water, and go fishing the new way, rc fishing!
Fish Fun Co. remote control boats are for real fishing. Catch small Panfish, Bass, and big fish like Pike! The Radio Ranger is the biggest rc fishin’ boat around!
The Radio Ranger comes with complete, illustrated, easy to understand fishing instructions, and everything to get started rc fishing. For small fish attach your line to “The RC Fishing Pole”, (included) , and the boat pulls em. For big fish attach the line from your fishing rod. Instead of casting, you drive your line out, when a fish hits, the line disconnects, and you reel em in! Hours of exciting remote control fishing fun at the lake, or on the pond!

Product Features

  • 34″ Remote Control ” Radio Ranger” Catch Real Fish!
  • Catch any size fish!
  • Everything included ready to go fishing rc boat!
  • 300-400 foot range
  • Boat, The RC Fishing Pole, 7.2V-1800mah boat battery, Pistol grip transmitter w/batteries, wall charger, boat stand, extra propellers, fishing line, bobber, and fishing hook included

About Joe Spirit

I bring RC toys to you through the following websites: http://www.rcconstructiontoys.com http://www.radiocontroltoysblog.com http://www.remotecontrol-airplanes.com http://www.remotecontrol-boats.com http://www.remote-controlcars.com http://www.remotecontrol-trucks.com http://www.radiocontroltoysfromfse.com
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