VolantexRC 757-V2-kit FPVraptor V2 Specific RC Airplane with Huge 78.7-Inch Wingspan

The FPVraptor V2 by Volantex is a FPV specific RC airplane with a huge 78.7″ wingspan. This is the kit version, electronics and motor will need to be added. The FPVraptor V2 comes fully packed with tons of features like custom PVC fuselage, durable EPO foam wings, camera mounting options, and a huge cargo bay for holding batteries, electronics and more!

Product Features

  • A very large and durable PVC fuselage makes this plane very crash resistant.
  • The V2 features an upgraded Motor Tower allowing for up to a 10″ prop for more power.
  • Tons of open space to let bigger hands do their job inside the fuselage when it comes to mounting the electronics inside and all the extra room makes it possible for to mount more gear inside and keep everything neat.
  • The ability to carry more payload means you can mount higher more/larger batteries to get ultra long flight times needed those long range FPV.
  • Large 2 meter wingspan provides lots of lift to carry all your gear for long range FPV.

About Joe Spirit

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